You will find our page dedicated to industry resources relating to COVID-19 here.


The following resources can be used to supplement a production’s health and safety program.* They include a wide selection of tools, documents and recommendations to help employers develop production specific programs. We’ve broken these resources down to be easily searchable by department, topic and service.

However, these resources do not replace the need for all employers to develop their own production specific programs, policies, procedures, or to comply with local regulations.

For more help in how to develop a production specific health and safety program and integrate these or other resources into it, please contact one of Actsafe’s Industry Advisors:


Manager, Performing Arts Programs & Services
Don Parman
604 733 4682 Ext. 112.

Manager, Motion Picture Programs & Services
Anand Kanna 
604 733 4682 Ext. 120.


Safety Advisor, Performing Arts
Will Heller 
604 733 4682 Ext. 205.

Safety Advisor, Motion Picture
Natalli Dias
 604.733.4682 Ext. 215.


The revised Workers Compensation Act took effect on April 6th, 2020. The revisions are intended to make the Act easier to read and understand, and will not change its legal effect. However, there will still be some change involved. For more information and to view the full version of the revised Act see here. There are references to the Act in Actsafe Safety Association’s materials and resources which will be revised to reflect these updates. Please bear with us during this transition.

*Actsafe’s resources are intended to be used without modification or for use as a template. However, if used as a template, the use of the Actsafe logo is not permitted and must be removed before publishing.