How to contact us


Actsafe Safety Association
Suite 140 – 4259 Canada Way,
Burnaby, B.C. V5G 1H1

Business hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

*Statutory holidays will affect regular business hours.

Contact one of our team members via one of the following methods.

Speak to a Manager for your industry’s programs and services.

Motion Picture

Anand Kanna
604-733-4682 (ext. 120)

Performing Arts

Don Parman
604-733-4682 (ext. 112)

We look forward to hearing from you! The Actsafe office is wheelchair accessible. Call anytime for additional information.

Office Parking

Metered parking is available directly outside our office building. Please note the payment machine in the parking lot only accepts credit cards.
The prices (inclusive of tax) are as follows:

$4.90 for 1 hour

$9.75 for 2 hours

$14.65 for 3 hours

$19.55 until 6pm

$9.00 for 6pm to 6am

The hangTag app can be used to purchase and extend parking in our lot. Using the app will provide you with cheaper parking rates.

Nearby streets to the east of our office (Sumner Avenue, Norfolk Street, and Dominion Street) have metered parking options, as well.

COVID Protocols

As of April 8, 2022, Actsafe will no longer be requiring proof of vaccination, however, masks are still mandatory when visiting the Actsafe office.
Actsafe has the right to refuse service and access to our premises to any customer who refuses to wear a mask.
If you need to cancel a course, please reach out to us via or by phone 604-733-4682. Please leave a message so we can return your call ASAP.


Information for Visitors, Instructors & Course Participants

Anyone entering the Actsafe office will be required to review their own health prior to entry. Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or is sick should stay home and not access the Actsafe office premises.


Masks & Physical Distancing

  • Masks are mandatory while at Actsafe’s office. Masks will be made available if needed.
  • The training/meeting rooms will be set up to maintain a 2-meter distance between participants. We ask that the furniture not be moved or disturbed.
  • We will be running courses at limited capacity to allow for proper physical distancing protocols, while also minimizing traffic around common areas.



  • Hand sanitizer stations, and individual hand sanitizer bottles, will be available in all training rooms as well as in the lobby and common areas.
  • Refreshments will not be made available until further notice.
  • You are encouraged to bring your own water bottle so that you can avail yourself of the touchless water dispenser in the training rooms.
  • Building management has placed a capacity limit of two people in the washrooms and elevators at any one time. Washrooms and elevators are used by other tenants of the building.
  • Everyone is required to follow the building management protocols while accessing common areas of the building.
  • HEPA & UV Light air purifiers will be operating in common areas for the convenience and safety of those in the office.
  • Staff areas are off limits for visitors/instructors/course participants unless approved by an Actsafe team member.

The following policy is to address specific health and safety requirements for the resumption of office work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Actsafe Safety Association is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, members, and visitors at our operating location, #140-4259 Canada Way, Burnaby BC.

  • The Actsafe team will be following a hybrid rotation strategy
  • The Actsafe team will comply with all applicable regulations, guidelines, and orders, from WorkSafeBC, the Provincial Health Office (PHO), and the provincial and federal governments, relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Actsafe’s COVID-19 response team includes the CEO, the Operations and Administration Supervisor, and the Worker Health and Safety Representative.
    • COVID-19 Response Team Responsibilities: 
      • Plan and develop procedures and guidelines for staff and visitors
      • Regularly review the policy and procedures
      • Support the team and visitors with any questions or concerns regarding this policy and the procedures within

Actsafe Safety Association will:

  • Provide employees with PPE, resources, and training required for continuing their job efficiently.
  • Communicate regularly with employees, visitors, and contractors who will be accessing our premises about our COVID-19 safety protocols.
  • Continuously assess, monitor, and improve our plans to meet the requirements of the most recent WSBC Regulations, PHO orders, and provincial and federal government guidelines.
  • Require that anyone entering the Actsafe office will review their own health prior to entry. Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or is sick should stay home and not access the Actsafe office premises. Plans and procedures set by the office building management team – Redstone Group – must be followed.