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Hot And Smoky Eventbrite 2160x1080
Hot & Smoky: A New Normal

Date: July 7th , 2023
Time: 10:00 – 11:30am
(60-minute presentation plus a 20–30-minute Q&A period)

In recent years, wildfire and heat stress concerns have dominated the news around the globe. As industrial hygienists, we are often asked to assist in non-traditional environments that may involve vulnerable populations. In this session, we will address how heat and wildfire smoke exposure has been handled in the entertainment industry.

Film and television production in British Columbia is booming and is the third-largest production centre in North America, behind only Hollywood and Georgia. In addition, there has been a resurgence of live performances and events in BC in recent years. Also, temperatures and wildfire incidents in BC have been steadily increasing in summer months, with 2021 hitting records in both due to an unprecedented heat dome. As such, filming and outdoor performances in the summer months have been a challenge in BC, and using a strictly occupational lens has been fraught with problems.

This presentation outlines the strategy of using public health and industrial hygiene guidance to control heat and wildfire smoke exposures.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to

  • Describe the health effects associated with heat and wildfire smoke exposure!
  • Understand how occupational and public health guidelines can be utilized to develop exposure control plans in non-traditional environments.
  • Determine applicable control options to mitigate heat and wildfire smoke exposures.

Participants will be able to apply what is learned about control options for heat and wildfire smoke to their own situations.

Mona Shum, MSc, CIH

Mona provides occupational and environmental health services to clients wanting to reduce occupational and environmental health risks in their populations. She is a certified industrial hygienist with 25 years of experience in exposure assessment, indoor air quality investigations, chemical review, and environmental public health. Mona has been involved in wildfire fighter intervention studies led by the University of Alberta and has helped develop strategies for the film and television industry to deal with wildfire smoke and heat stress. She currently is the Principal Industrial Hygienist at Aura Health and Safety and an adjunct professor with the University of British Columbia.

Preventing Trips, Slips and Falls- Eventbrite


The most commonly reported incident, 20% of claims are due to slips, trips and falls at work. Common slips, trips and falls for the arts and entertainment industry can occur when following action or moving around the set or location; over cables, equipment, or props; falling downstairs, floor openings, tailgates, trailer stairs; inadequate lighting (reduced visibility); truck tailgates; and heat stress and fatigue. This session discusses how to determine appropriate controls for general hazards and risks pertaining to slips, trips, and falls.



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