COVID-19 Resources for the Arts and Entertainment Industries

In the midst of COVID-19 we’ve curated a selection of resources we believe to be of value to our industries. As your occupational health and safety association we endeavour to continue to share articles and knowledge in the hope of keeping our stakeholders informed.

As of August 25, BC has reintroduced a mask mandate for public indoor spaces across the province. Indoor spaces include theatres, concert halls, grocery stores, city halls, restaurants, pubs and bars, public transit, taxis, or office buildings where public services are provided.

Anyone visiting the Actsafe office with an appointment or attending an in-person class must wear a mask at all times. Please do not visit the Actsafe office if you are sick or have any COVID-19 symptoms.

Regional Order Updates:

Click the icons below to find the most up to date regional health orders:

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