Psychological Health & Safety

As we transition out of the global pandemic to new ways of operating against a backdrop of an uncertain global economic outlook, workplaces are implementing strategies to ensure they can continue to conduct business in a rapidly changing environment. Cameron Stockdale, President and CEO, Work Wellness Institute One strategy often touted by organizations is to […]

-The following article was contributed by Megan Gilron (she|they) for Actsafe’s summer edition of Safety Scene, the theme of which is mental health. The job of supporting performers and crew within and around scenes of intimacy has been practised in one form or another for years, but the role of Intimacy Coordinator (Film/TV) and Intimacy […]

The purpose of this first aid advisory is to provide information about the drug called naloxone and how the provision of naloxone may fit into an employer’s workplace emergency response plan. WorkSafeBC Link here.

When I was in high school, everyone joked that I was a great therapist. My friends would always come and talk to me about their problems. Siblings, relationships, assignments, no matter what, they turned to me to be their sounding board. To them I was known as “The Ear”. – Anand Kanna, Manager of Motion […]

The Calltime Mental Health campaign has been developed to support BC motion picture workers and their families, reduce the stigma related to mental health and substance use concerns, and to ensure that BC motion picture workers are aware of the services and benefits available to them through their Union Health Benefit Plans and broader resources […]

This poster is intended to be displayed on worksites where naloxone is available. The poster is fillable so the designated naloxone kit carrier and their department is clearly displayed. The steps to administer naloxone, and some useful links to training and information are also included. There are two sizes available: Letter size PDF Tabloid size […]

Over the past few years, there has been much-required attention on the mental health of our nation, our communities, and – quite frankly – our industry. We’re now taking seriously how to take care of our own mental health and that of the people around us in our increasingly complex world. Systems are racing to […]

Actsafe is a supporting association of Work to Wellness and BC Municipal Safety Association’s Psychological Support Toolkit for Workers and Employers: COVID-19. The Psychological Support Toolkit includes a 5 Part – Virtual Summit bringing together industry experts and creating an intimate dialogue on their recommendations in light of COVID-19. In addition, this comprehensive resource will provide information packs, checklists, access […]

We look to the near future and welcome the thought of getting back to normal artistic and cultural production! But what of the “normal” parts that we don’t want to come back? Dr. Grégoire Gagnon, Executive Director, CHRC Two things come to mind when we think of improving cultural HR practices for everyone to thrive: […]

Following the legalization of cannabis in Canada, policies and procedures on substance use and impairment in the workplace are encouraged. This WorkSafeBC webpage explains how substance-use impairment can affect a workplace, the responsibilities of workers and employers for managing impairment, and provides you with other relevant resources. Access this information here.

  Respectful workplaces. Where was this concept when I was a production assistant? Anand Kanna, Manager of Motion Picture Services, Actsafe Safety Association   It seems like the entry level position of production assistant was designed more as a long-term hazing exercise than an opportunity to learn the industry. People just tossing trash or garbage […]

COVID-19 has had significant impacts on every facet of our lives – and while we are working hard to ensure we are engaging in distancing and cleanliness to ensure physical health and safety, how many of us are tending to the psychological health impacts of COVID-19? – Dr. Joti Samra, R. Psych, MyWorkplaceHealth Preliminary data […]

Mental health is still a difficult discussion. For those that suffer from mental health issues, there is still a stigma attached. – Don Parman, Manager of Performing Arts Programs and Services, Actsafe Safety Association My story. I don’t tell it to gain sympathy. I don’t tell it to make a political statement. I tell it […]

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