Actsafe is a supporting association of Work to Wellness and BC Municipal Safety Association’s Psychological Support Toolkit for Workers and Employers: COVID-19. The Psychological Support Toolkit includes a 5 Part – Virtual Summit bringing together industry experts and creating an intimate dialogue on their recommendations in light of COVID-19. In addition, this comprehensive resource will provide information packs, checklists, access to free quality resources, recordings of the 5-part virtual summit, and access to an online discussion forum where participants can network, exchange ideas, and ask questions with both peers and industry experts.#COVIDToolkit

Virtual Summit resources:

    • Part 1: Identifying psychological impacts and needs due to Covid-19

    • Part 2: Skills for communicating effectively with people experiencing psychological distress

    • Part 3: Exploring substance use and impacts during Covid-19. The toolkit can be viewed here.

    • Part 4: Support for managers, leaders: how to respond to your team’s psychological needs during COVID-19. The toolkit can be viewed here.

  • Part 5: Industry Leaders Panel

For dates for the remaining parts and further information please click here.