Cardiac Arrest

Actsafe’s AED Program offers our members a great opportunity to equip their organizations and productions with an Automated External Defibrillator at a cost that will fit any budget. Actsafe offers two options: Rental – This option makes an AED affordable to all types of short term projects in the performing arts and motion picture industries.  Actsafe […]

This video covers the operation of LifePak CR-Plus and LifePak Express AEDs. Here you will learn: the cause of cardiac arrest the symptoms of cardiac arrest the steps to save someone experiencing cardiac arrest inspection, maintenance, and storage of the AED This video is supplementary to the AED Manual. Both should be reviewed prior to […]

Lifepak CR-Plus Maintenance Video Need to know how to change the batteries and electrode pads on the AED LifePak CR-Plus? Or just looking for general maintenance tips? Click on the video below!

Use this floorpan of Bridge Studios to discover where the nearest AED lives.

Use this floorpan of Mammoth Studios to discover where the nearest AED lives.

Use this floorplan of the North Shore Studios to discover where the nearest AED lives.

Defibrillators Play a Life Saving Role – pg 12 With all the lights and glamour of the Motion Picture and Performing Arts industries, it’s sometimes easy to forget that production sets are worksites too. Just like at any workplace, heart attacks leading to cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anytime. WorkSafeBC’s 2014 Safety Spotlight article […]

Use this floorpan of VFS to discover where the nearest AED is placed.

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