On Feb 9th, 2019 while skiing, I suffered a concussion. I have no memory of the fall that day and ‘lost’ 30-40 minutes in total. As I know the correct concussion protocol, I visited an emergency room later that day where the medical team carried out a CT scan, an x-ray, blood work, and an […]

Concussion Resources for Motion Picture, Film and Live Performance Workers This concussion resource package is specifically designed and intended for workers in the Motion Picture, Film, and Live Performance industry, including First Aid Attendants, Supervisors, Department Heads, Production Teams, Stunt Coordinators, Dance Choreographers, Performers, and all other industry workers. This package aims to standard concussion […]

Kerry Goulet speaks to UBCP Stunt Performers regarding the dangers of incurring a concussion while working in the motion picture, television, performing arts and live events industries.

The entertainment production community, working with the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, is happy to make the Concussion Awareness Training Tool’s (CATT) Concussion Awareness flowchart available for employers, supervisors, and workers in B.C’s arts and entertainment industries. This flowchart outlines a pathway that should be followed to respond to and manage a suspected concussion […]

This concussion in performing arts slideshow was presented at the 2018 Actsafe event Safety Conference by Dr. Jeffrey Russell of Ohio University. 

Concussions are as much a performing artist’s concern as a football player’s, or hockey player’s, or rugby player’s. Few injuries are as well publicized in sport than concussions. It can be a scary injury, especially when we regularly see its unfortunate consequences. Yet, for all the voices raised to reduce head injury in sport, why […]

When I was first approached to write an article about concussions for Safety Scene I was tempted to discuss all the things that I know about concussions (which isn’t much alongside the experts who have graciously contributed to this edition). Then I realized that the questions I have about concussions might be shared by other […]

Whether it’s on a movie set, backstage, off-camera, or during rehearsal, a concussion-causing event can occur. Due to the complex, high-pressure work environments of the motion picture, television, live event and performing arts industries, workers face situations every day that put them at risk for sustaining this traumatic brain injury. – Shelina Babul, PhD, Clinical […]

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