Open Flames

This Safety Bulletin applies to pyrotechnic materials such as explosives and flammable or combustible liquids, gases and solids when used to create pyrotechnic special effects. Pyrotechnic Special Effects Motion Picture Bulletin PDF

These guidelines are intended to give recommendations on the safe use of open flames on motion picture sets. This Safety Bulletin does not apply to full or partial body burns, fire breathing, or fire juggling. Such stunts should be performed only by qualified stunt persons under carefully controlled conditions. Open Flames On Motion Picture Sets […]

This helpful fire/life safety inspection checklist covers fire department access, parking, exiting, and pyrotechnic special effects for use in the motion picture industry. Film Fire/Life Inspection Checklist PDF

To read the full document, and to print, click here (159 KB). Before renting or occupying a house or a building, the producer must ensure that it meets fire prevention standards and that it contains the necessary fire fighting equipment, in compliance with the NFPA 140. The distance to be covered between any point in […]

This bulletin gives an overview of EPS foam and its uses, explains the pentane gas hazard, and discusses steps you can take as an employer to reduce the risk of fires and explosions.

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