Actsafe asked the University of British Columbia to help investigate several questions related to the noise-related health and safety of musicians and other workers potentially exposed to loud music that fall under their mandate. These questions were: 1. How much noise are musicians exposed to? a. How do we define noise? b. What kinds of […]

PROPERLY INSERTING FOAM EARPLUGS Always ensure that you hands are clean before handling earplugs. Roll down the earplug between your thumb and fingers, applying even and steady pressure. Do not attempt to roll down the plug by rolling it back and forth between the palms of your hands. This can cause creases that may allow […]

This WorkSafeBC guide explains the requirements of a hearing conservation program. For general information on implementing a hearing conservation program, click the image or link below. To read the full document on WorkSafeBC’s website, and to print, click here (683 kB).

This literature review was undertaken to review the status of research on available treatments for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) on behalf of Actsafe Safety Association. This review focuses on the studies that have exhibited a positive effect on NIHL in humans and that have been published since 1985. Treatment for noise induced hearing loss Report […]

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