Everybody knows that performing an inspection can be overwhelming. Whether you are a safety specialist or new to performing inspections, you may not know how to start the process and properly analyze the environment around you. Natalli Dias, Motion Picture Safety Advisor, Actsafe Safety Associaton   In some cases, you may have an inspection form […]

There are many different types of workplaces within B.C.’s performing arts and motion picture industries. Because of this diversity of work, and the environments in which the work is done, it is critical to conduct regular health and safety inspections to help prevent workplace incidents. Kim Stubbs, OHS Consultant, WorkSafeBC Performing arts may include theatre, […]

Liability.     Wes Jenkins, Senior Partner, Down Stage Right Industries Ltd Now that I have your attention, I want to briefly share my thoughts on rigging inspections and best practices. Rigging inspections are required by various provincial, national, and international codes and standards as well as responding to industry best practices. They reduce the […]

Inspections. The very word can evoke an endless array of questions. What do we need to inspect? When do they need to be done? How do we do them? Who does them? Can anyone help me with this? Well, hopefully I’ll be able to shed some light on these questions. Let’s start at the beginning, […]

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Workplace inspections are important to keep everyone safe including employees, patrons, and volunteers especially in the performing arts and live entertainment industry. Having a checklist can help guide you and your team on what to look out for when conducting a workplace inspection. To keep work premises, equipment, tools, work methods and work practices safe, […]

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