Working At Heights

Supervisors ensure that workers review and sign this fall protection work plan prior to starting work in an area where a hazard of falling exists. Workers must understand this plan and be trained in fall protection and the systems and equipment that will be used. This plan must be posted at the worksite for the […]

This fact sheet is intended to give information on safe work procedures when working on a tension grid installed in a performing arts venue.

This guide will help those that work in the performing arts understand the WorkSafeBC requirements and industry safe work practices for working at heights. Shape Working at heights in the live production industry in BC Guide PDF

This primer is for employers, performers, and technicians in British Columbia’s live performance industry. It describes health and safety requirements and safe work practices for working at heights. You may find the information in this primer useful if you are involved with: An established performing arts organization, such as a dance or theatre company An organization that produces […]

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