Written by Don Parman, Manager of Performing Arts Programs and Services, Actsafe Safety Association. To get in touch withDon; donparman@actsafe.ca or call 604 733 4682 Ext. 112. YES, you need to do this for every new and young worker! YES, you should do this at the top of each call! We need to talk about orientations for […]

Written by Robin Schooley, Industry Specialist in the Young and New Worker Program, WorkSafeBC. When the new hires arrive and it’s your job to provide orientation and training, are you prepared? What should it look like? And should you adjust it, depending on the age of your workers? First off, the fact that you’re giving serious […]

Written by Anand Kanna, Manager of Motion Picture Programs and Services, Actsafe Safety Association. To get in touch with Anand; anandkanna@actsafe.ca or call 604 733 4682 Ext. 120. Most employers in motion picture and television realize the importance and the need for delivering an orientation to their workers. And for the most part, employers and supervisors are […]

Actsafe Injury Prevention Week (AIP Week) September 9th-13th, 2019 The theme for 2019 was ‘Prevention Through Orientation’ which highlighted the importance of orientations in keeping workers in the arts and entertainment industries safe. Here’s an overview of the ‘Prevention Through Orientation’ calendar, resources focused on the following topics through our social media channels daily: Date […]

Written by Jennifer Lane, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Actsafe Safety Association.   The role of a Locations Manager is to source and find locations to be used in production. It is part of their role to ensure that the location is a safe environment for the crew to be in, and one they can get […]

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