Course Delivery: Virtual Classroom
Course Cost:
$75 +GST
Course Duration:

This 2-day instructor-led workshop is the prerequisite for the online MPPIA Motion Picture Industry Orientation Exam administered by Actsafe Safety Association.

Attend this workshop BEFORE taking the online exam.

Developed in partnership between Creative BC, MPPIA and industry labour organizations, this comprehensive, mandatory course provides you with the information you need to know before working on a film set. This orientation program is just one step in a series of courses or programs which will be required by the different associations, guilds and unions in order to make your entry into the motion picture/television industry.

Course topics include the structure of the BC film industry, stages of production, industry jobs, set terminology, set etiquette, basic safety and communication skills.

Learning objectives:

    • Provides a quick history of British Columbia’s motion picture industry and examines why the industry has been so successful.
    • Introduces you to the common phrases and expressions heard on a motion picture set.
    • Includes an overview of the five stages of motion picture production.
    • Identifies top industry expectations, and the benefits and challenges of working in the motion picture industry.
    • Examines the essential interpersonal, communication, and team skills required in the industry.
    • Introduces the fundamentals of developing and maintaining good community relations.
    • Presents a list of dos and don’ts of behavior while on and off a motion picture set.
    • Explains how to read a call sheet.
    • Outlines the basics of using a walkie talkie on set
    • Provides an overview of the health and safety risks while working on set and examines employer and worker safety responsibilities.
    • Provides a list of job descriptions and unions found in the motion picture industry.