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As the doors reopen for in-house classes, Actsafe is ensuring adherence to the most current P.H.O. COVID-19 Guidelines. If you are registered for an in-house course, an email will be sent to you prior to your attendance detailing Actsafe’s In-house Course COVID-19 Guidelines.

Developed and presented by Felcan Enterprises, this 1-day course provides an introduction to Firearm Safety for the entertainment industry. The course will cover safe working practices and legislative requirements, and is of vital importance for those involved in supervising, planning or working on projects involving firearms.

This course is recommended for:

  • Production Managers
  • Actors
  • Technical Directors
  • Stage Managers
  • Props
  • Dolly Grips
  • Boom Operators
  • Camera Operators & Stills Photographers
  • Assistant Director

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