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Safely Guiding and Spotting a Reversing Vehicle

Vehicles are the second highest source of injury in the motion picture industry over a five-year period (2013 – 2017)*.

Actsafe’s Injury Prevention Week 2018 ‘Back Here, Safety Matters’ will focus on the prevention of injuries caused by material handling around trucks. One phase of this campaign will cover signalling and flagging and we’ve found a great video created by Safety Driven, the Trucking Safety Council of BC, which talks you through safely guiding and spotting a reversing vehicle and provides an overview of the essential things to know when guiding a vehicle that is backing up

We invite you to watch and share this video amongst your communities.

*Data taken from WorkSafeBC’s Industry Safety Information Centre

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Actsafe is a not-for-profit health and safety association supporting British Columbia’s arts and entertainment industries.

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