Actsafe’s Injury Prevention Week (AIP Week) 2020, September 21st – 25th – Save the Date!


The theme for Actsafe’s Injury Prevention Week 2020 is ‘MIND Your Health: Mental Health Awareness’.


 The History of Injury Prevention Week’s 

In 2018, to celebrate Actsafe’s 20th year in the business of helping to keep workers safe, Actsafe launched a new injury prevention initiative, the Actsafe Injury Prevention Week (AIP Week.)
The goal of this annual event is to spread awareness of the leading causes of injury to BC’s arts and entertainment industry workers and to provide shareable tips, tools and resources to help prevent these injuries.

Click the stickers below to explore our previous themes and accompanying resources:

‘Back Here, Safety Matters’ – 2018

‘Prevention Through Orientation’ – 2019