Injury prevention week logo September 20th to 24th

Actsafe Injury Prevention (AIP) Week, September 20th–24th, 2021 focuses on respectful workplaces. What is a respectful workplace? How can we work together to ensure that everyone who works on a production is treated fairly? Throughout AIP Week, we will be bringing awareness to the challenges that workplaces have in creating a respectful workplace and working together to ensure diversity, inclusion, and respect are achieved in the arts and entertainment industries.

Thank you to everyone who participated in 2020’s Actsafe Injury Prevention (AIP) Week. So many of you joined us for our virtual webinars, played our games, and submitted words to the ‘Elephant in the Room’.

We are so appreciative to everyone who opened up and shared their own personal stories — you are helping to reduce the stigma around mental health.

Previous Injury Prevention Week Themes:

‘Back Here, Safety Matters’ – 2018

‘Prevention Through Orientation’ – 2019

‘MIND Your Health, Mental Health Awareness’ – 2020