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SafetyLine Working Alone App

Actsafe is partnering with SafetyLine to offer Actsafe’s members an additional 50% off select services.

Do you have staff who work alone and you’re concerned for their safety while out on the job? Maybe they’re working in isolation at night? Or, do you have workers performing jobs in potentially dangerous situations? We have good news. Actsafe has partnered with SafetyLine Lone Worker, an affordable and automated worker monitoring tool to protect your team members who are working alone, isolation or in potentially dangerous situations.

Legislation-compliant and cloud-based, SafetyLine is a complete worker monitoring solution that:

  • Enables your team to proactively check-in, communicating that they are safe
  • Signals for immediate help if a worker falls or if he or she presses the accessible panic button
  • Instantly locates your worker during an emergency, saving you precious time
  • Empowers your company to monitor the well-being of workers no matter where they are
  • Provides a reliable channel to communicate with team about their safety and situation
  • Allows you to use the service on existing iOS, Android and Windows devices

Take advantage of exclusive package for Actsafe members

Because of this great partnership, SafetyLine is offering 50% off of its service to Actsafe members. Read more about this offer.  While we mentioned some above, the benefits of using SafetyLine are many and significant, protecting your valuable team members as well as the company.

Get connected

Do you still have questions about SafetyLine or the Actsafe package?  To take advantage of this service and to request a consultation, email

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