Below are links to the American Actor Equity’s webpage that focuses on smoke and haze regulations for the motion picture and performing arts industries. The page includes: calibration factors, studies, a fillable report and more.

Explore the PDFs below:

  1. Calibration Factors (PDF – 91 kB)
  2.  Time and Distance Guidelines (PDF – 796 kB)
  3. Health Effects Evaluation of Theatrical Smoke, Haze and Pyrotechnics (PDF – 3.1 mB)
  4. Equipment-Based Guidelines for the Use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze (PDF – 696 kB)
  5. Evaluation of Short-Term Exposures to Theatrical Smoke and Haze Air Sampling Protocol (PDF – 1.1 mB)
  6. Theatrical Smoke & Haze Report (PDF – 52 kB)