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#29A Addendum “A” for Hot Air Balloons, Guidelines For The Safe Use of Hot Air Balloons Motion Picture Safety Bulletin

Guidelines for essential personnel or equipment to film or be filmed while on the exterior or, entering, or exiting a balloon basket or gondola in flight.

Traditional ballooning motion picture activities include air to ground transfers, air to surface vehicles or persons, rappelling, parachuting, long line and many other scenarios where essential personnel may be required outside of the balloon basket or gondola.

Stunt persons and camera operators are often called upon to stand outside of or hang from the basket or gondola, cargo hooks, trapeze devices, bungee cords, cables, ladders, long lines, etc.

Safe completion of these operations requires the complete understanding and coordination of all parties involved, i.e. the Aerial Coordinator and/or Pilot in Command, the Designated Production Representative, Stunt Persons, Stunt Riggers, Balloon Riggers, Special Effects and Grip Riggers, and essential ground crew. In performing these types of operations the following guidelines should be used:

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