Actsafe Injury Prevention Week (AIP Week) September 9th-13th, 2019

The theme for 2019 was ‘Prevention Through Orientation’ which highlighted the importance of orientations in keeping workers in the arts and entertainment industries safe.

Here’s an overview of the ‘Prevention Through Orientation’ calendar, resources focused on the following topics through our social media channels daily:

Date Topic
Monday, September 9th Orientation Basics; Responsibilities video, Rights video
Tuesday, September 10th Delivery & Documentation; New and Young Worker Orientation Checklist
Wednesday, September 11th Role of the Supervisor; Performing Arts Safety for Supervisor Course, Motion Picture Safety For Supervisor Course
Thursday, September 12th Safety Orientation; Motion Picture General Safety Awareness Course
Friday, September 13th Toolbox Talks

This year we also had our first safety cafe which visited several productions and studios. Check out the locations we offered a complimentary coffee, swag and orientation conversations;

Date Location
Tuesday, September 10th Riggit (9am – 1pm)
Mammoth Studios (2pm – 5pm)
Wednesday, September 11th North Shore Studios (10am – 1pm)
Bridge Studios (2pm – 5pm)
Thursday, September 12th Vancouver Film Studios (10am – 1pm)
Friday, September 13th TBC


Click on the poster to view the full size PDF for printing;