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#37 Vehicle Restraint Systems Motion Picture Safety Bulletin

This Safety Bulletin is intended to give recommendations in the safe use of Restraint Systems (e.g., Seat Belts, Harnesses, Head and Neck Restraint Systems, etc.) to persons who are either in or on Picture Vehicles/Stunt Vehicles.

For recommendations regarding Seat Belts, Harnesses, or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction Vehicles (eg., Forklifts, Lifting Platforms, Aerial Lifts, Scissor Lifts, etc.), Produc- tion Support Vehicles, Camera Platforms (eg., Insert Cars, Camera Cranes, etc.) or Aircraft, refer to Actsafe Safety Bulletins #3, #8, #8A, #8B, #11, #11A and #22.

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Actsafe is a not-for-profit health and safety association supporting British Columbia’s arts and entertainment industries.

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