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Genie Operators Supplemental Manual For Authorized & Trained Set Lighting Technicians & Studio Grips

This Supplemental Manual was prepared by Genie Industries at the express request of unions representing Set Lighting Technicians and Studio Grips. These operators requested Genie’s written permission to use the Approved Models listed below in certain ways that deviate from Genie’s standard manuals for that equipment. This Supplemental Manual contains Genie’s written permission and the requirements that must be followed by specifically trained operators to enable them to use the Approved Models in the manner set forth in this Supplemental Manual.

This manual is solely for use by set lighting technicians and s g s have completed training offered by qualified trainers in aerial work platform operation combined with use of set lighting, camera equipment and light diffusion frames. Users of this manual must be trained as Genie aerial work platform operators. Failure to receive training and to use the information contained in this supplement and in the operator’s manual may result in death or serious injury.

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