Have a health and safety question that you’d like answered? Ask Don! Join Don Parman, Actsafe’s Manager of Performing Arts Programs and Services, virtually to discuss any safety issues or concerns that the performing arts and live events industries are facing during these testing times. Contact Don at donparman@actsafe.ca to get signed up. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for upcoming dates. We look forward to seeing you and learning together.
WWDD Session No. Date Resource
WWDD 1 April 15th
WWDD 2 April 22nd   WWDD 2020-0422
WWDD 3 April 29th WWDD 2020-0429
WWDD 4 This week’s topic, ‘The Way Forward’. May 7th The Way Forward
WWDD 5 This week’s topic, ‘Audience Services’. May 13th Audience Services
WWDD 6 This week’s topic, ‘Check In’. May 20th Check In
WWDD 7 May 27th WWDD 2020-0603
WWDD 8 June 3rd WWDD 2020-0603
WWDD 9 This week’s topic, ‘Disinfecting?’ June 10th Disinfecting?
WWDD 10 This week’s topic, ‘Check-In’ June 17th Check-In
WWDD 11 This week’s topic, ‘Fans!’ June 24th Fans!
WWDD 12 This week’s topic, ‘Shows! How is it going?’ July 8th Shows! How is it going?
WWDD 13 This week’s topic, ‘Enforcement’ July 15th Enforcement
WWDD 14 This week’s topic, ‘SKAM Theatre’ July 22nd SKAM Theatre
WWWD 15 This week’s session was presented by Actsafe’s Performing Arts Safety Advisor, Will Heller. Other resources throughout this session included;Preventing Violence Workbook Workplace Bullying and Harassment FAQs PHO – Food Service Establishments, Liquor Services, and Events PHO – Gatherings and Events Selecting and using masks in non-healthcare settings Designing effective barriers document July 29th
WWWD 16 This week’s session was presented by Actsafe’s Performing Arts Safety Advisor, Will Heller. Topics covered included; 1) Actsafe Courses Reboot 2) First Aid Basic Requirements (some, not all) August 5th WWWD 2020-0805
WWDD 17 Updates! 1) Facebook – Live Event Community Page 2) WSBC – Volunteer’s in B.C’s Performing Arts Industry: Frequently Asked Questions August 19th WWDD 2020-0819
WWDD 18 August 26th WWDD 2020-0826
WWDD 19 This week’s topic, ‘Emergency Preparedness’ September 2nd WWDD 2020-0902
WWDD 20 This week’s topic, ‘Catch-up’ September 16th WWDD 2020-0916
WWDD 21 This week’s topic, ‘Eric Stuart’ September 30th WWDD 2020-0930
WWDD 22 October 7th WWDD 2020-1007
WWDD 23 October 14th WWDD 2020-1014
WWDD 24 October 28th WWDD 2020-1028
WWDD 25 This week’s topic, ‘Dance Competitions’ November 18th WWDD 2020-1118