Have a health and safety question that you’d like answered? Ask Don!

Join Don Parman, Actsafe’s Manager of Performing Arts Programs and Services, virtually to discuss any safety issues or concerns that the performing arts and live events industries are facing during these testing times. Contact Don at donparman@actsafe.ca to get signed up. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for upcoming dates. We look forward to seeing you and learning together.

WWDD Session No. Date Resource
WWDD 1 April 15th  
WWDD 2 April 22nd   

WWDD 2020-0422

WWDD 3 April 29th  

WWDD 2020-0429


This week’s topic, ‘The Way Forward’.

May 7th  

The Way Forward


This week’s topic, ‘Audience Services’.

May 13th  

Audience Services


This week’s topic, ‘Check In’.

May 20th  

Check In