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What is STAR?

STAR is an acronym for Safety Training and Records. This Learning Management System (LMS) will be replacing the legacy system known as Safety Passport.

What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is used to administer, deliver, track and report online courses and instructor led training.

The key benefits to an LMS are:

  • Storage & distribution of online content: Learning Management systems serve as a repository to store and organize training material in the form of online courses, supplemental documentation and knowledge assessments.
  • Training assignments & requirements: A well designed training program can offer an array of training content based on learner profiles including; employment date, renewal cycle, job title, location, division, and more.
  • Monitoring & assessing progress: An LMS can provide reminders encouraging the learners to complete their training in a timely manner.
  • Reporting & analytics: Easy access to training data is important for certification, building a stronger workforce, employee satisfaction or outside auditing. An LMS can permanently store training records for easy retrieval when needed. Exams and gap analysis can help identify opportunities for improvement in both the training content and the learning content effectiveness.

Why the change?

To better serve you, we are moving to a more intuitive system that will provide a better platform to store your training records while offering more online safety training. Our current legacy system is no longer supported by the developer and no longer meets the needs of Actsafe or our stakeholders.

Why update my profile?

Updating your profile will ensure that your training records are up to date and available to supervisors and employers through the search interface. Updating your profile will also ensure that you are kept in the loop with the latest health and/or safety information specific to you and your role or department.

Is my information secure?

System and data/information integrity are one of Actsafe’s top priorities. To secure the system and the data housed on it the following safeguards are in place:

  • The system is hosted on the Peer 1 Mission Critical Cloud; therefore, servers are located within Canada and are not subject to the US Patriot Act
  • Managed servers have 24/7 support and performance monitoring
  • Firewalls are set up on the system
  • The software is fully patched with updates and is safe managed
  • Encryption is included in the system’s source code and URLs
  • Server access is done from a secured network with key-based authentication

How is my information used?

The information contained in your profile such as record of training is primarily for your use. Digital copies of your certifications will be kept in your profile as PDF documents that can be downloaded, printed or forwarded to anyone you need to send them to.

Why am I being asked for my union and department information?

Gathering information such as union, department and industry will enable Actsafe Safety Association to send pertinent safety information and/or bulletins to the people it matters to most in a timelier manner.

This information will also enable Actsafe to monitor for quality assurance and quality control of our programs. We will also be able to evaluate specific educational programs and analyze the outcomes related to reducing workplace injuries and illness.

Who has access to my information?

Only you and the administrative staff at Actsafe Safety Association have access to your profile.

What is the search interface?

The search interface will be used by industry professionals who are looking for workers with a certain skill set or to confirm that a worker has the certification required for a specific position.

What information is searchable?

The only information displayed through the search interface is your name, union, department, completed courses, date completed and expiration date (if applicable). If you opt into being contacted, there is also a Contact button.

Why is the search feature of benefit to me?

Opting in to the search interface will ensure that supervisors or employers looking for someone with your skill set will find you.

What is the Contact button for?

Opting in to the contact feature will give a supervisor or employer the ability to contact you without seeing your profile or contact information.

Will the courses I took prior to the STAR system be listed in my STAR profile?

Yes! All your existing records with Actsafe Safety Association will be transferred into the STAR system.

To log in to your STAR profile please follow this link.

If you’ve forgotten your username and/or password follow the same link and follow the prompts.

Your STAR profile allows you to access your certificates for any courses/training you’ve taken. You can also find available course dates and register for courses through the STAR System. (Available dates for any Aerial Platform or Forklift training are only visible once you’ve logged into your profile.)