Working Alone

Actsafe is partnering with SafetyLine to offer Actsafe’s members an additional 50% off select services. Do you have staff who work alone and you’re concerned for their safety while out on the job? Maybe they’re working in isolation at night? Or, do you have workers performing jobs in potentially dangerous situations? We have good news. […]

Please find our Actsafe Working Alone or in Isolation Checklist form and fact sheet below: Checklist: Working Alone or in Isolation Checklist PDFFact Sheet: Actsafe Fact Sheet #14 Working Alone or in Isolation   

According to the Regulation, to work alone or in isolation means “to work in circumstances where assistance would not be readily available to the worker in case of an emergency, or in case the worker is injured or in ill health.” Working alone or in isolation is fairly common in the motion picture industry, particularly […]

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