Reporting & Investigations

Employee Discipline Report for healthy & safety violation written warning form. Discipline Report Form fillable PDF.

WorkSafeBC has developed an employer incident investigation report (EIIR) template you can use to create all four reports that may be required following an incident in your workplace. This template will help you collect all the necessary information and reduce the work associated with completing multiple separate reports. WorkSafeBC Employer Incident Investigation Report.

If a person working for you has a work-related injury or disease and gets medical treatment from a doctor or other qualified practitioner, as the employer, you must report the incident to WorkSafeBC as soon as possible. Reporting online with Form 7 is usually the fastest way to make your report; it also allows you to […]

As an employer, you are responsible for immediately notifying WorkSafeBC when certain workplace incidents occur.  Incidents such as when a worker is seriously injured or killed on the job, a building collapses, or there is a major release of a hazardous substance. Incidents requiring immediate notification When there is an incident Immediate notification ensures quick […]

WHO SHOULD I TALK TO? When you need information to help prevent injuries… Actsafe is an education, training, and information resource for you to use to plan your productions in a safe manner. Where can I learn about propane safety? How do you handle Bullying and Harassment in the workplace? Need to know about working […]

Do you have a concern about a potential hazard in your workplace? Unsure what to do? Take a look at this flow chart to help understand what options are available. Worker Hazard Concern Flow Chart.

Links to various websites offering useful information and resources for assisting with common Worker’s Compensation & Claims related issues: • Employers’ Advisers Office (BC Ministry of Labour) • How to make an Activity Related Soft Tissue Disorder (RSI) Claim • Regulations On-line (WorkSafeBC of British Columbia) • Workers’ Advisers Office (BC Ministry of Labour) • WCB […]

Our flowchart will help you understand what you are required to do within different timeframes after a workplace incident has occurred.    

The WorkSafeBC Critical Incident Response (CIR) Program is an early intervention initiative that provides critical incident intervention to workers and employers who have experienced a traumatic event in the workplace.

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