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Actsafe’s Safety Sphere

Everybody knows that performing an inspection can be overwhelming. Whether you are a safety specialist or new to performing inspections, you may not know how to start the process and properly analyze the environment around you.

Natalli Dias, Motion Picture Safety Advisor, Actsafe Safety Associaton

In some cases, you may have an inspection form or checklist that will help guide you when performing an inspection. However, to perform a thorough inspection you need to look beyond what is on the clipboard to identify risks. But how can you do this?

Well, here’s a simple method that could help you analyze all areas that need to be covered in an inspection – Safety Sphere.

What is the Safety Sphere?

It is a method used during an inspection to help you to identify the risks that are around you. We call it the Safety Sphere to create a mental image of what you need to do – examine your surroundings in a 360° way.

How do I use the Safety Sphere?

Imagine that you are inside of a sphere and you need to analyze what is all around you.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I have risks around me? What kind of risks?
  • Do I have any risks above me? Is there anything that can fall and hit my head?
  • How about behind and in front of me? Is there any vehicle traffic that I need to be aware of?
  • Do I have a risk of falling or is there any openings on the floor? Is there anybody below me?

Try to apply this method at each workstation and/or before each activity. The key to this method is to do it in small parts and not the entire workplace as potential risks may get missed.

Who can use the Safety Sphere?

  • Safety Specialist or Officer
  • JHSC Members
  • Supervisors
  • Employer representative
  • Worker

The Safety Sphere is also useful in situations outside of just inspections. You can apply it to many different situations that require an analysis of the environment and risks such as:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Location Hazard Identification
  • Pre-Task Planning

It is highly recommended that you try this innovative method out and make the Safety Sphere part of your inspection routine on your production or workplace to identify the risks, and consequently reduce the number of injuries that could occur.

We are interested in knowing how the Safety Sphere worked for you. Please share your experiences with our safety advisors at if you’re working in the motion picture production sector, or if you’re in the performing arts and live events sector.

This article was written for our quarterly newsletter, Safety Scene. You can find a link to the full edition below.

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