Actsafe launched Actsafe Injury Prevention Week (AIP Week) in 2018 to spread awareness of the leading causes of injury to BC’s arts and entertainment industries’ workers and to provide shareable tips, tools, and resources to help prevent these injuries.

This week-long campaign gives Actsafe an opportunity to:

  1. increase industry awareness about the highlighted health and safety topic.
  2. bring attention to Actsafe resources that can support the industries in preventing injuries.
  3. stimulate positive and relevant conversation with our stakeholders.

Throughout the week Actsafe connects with our stakeholders in person and digitally, with activities being uploaded daily to our social media platforms and website to encourage interaction with our resources and the campaign. AIP Week kits are delivered by the Actsafe team to productions to
further educate them on the campaign and its goals.

2018: Back Here, Safety Matters
The inaugural AIP Week theme was ‘Back Here, Safety Matters’ and focused on the leading causes of injury in BC’s motion picture industry and its workers: material handling around vehicles. The aim was to shift the behaviour of workers and supervisors and reduce preventable truck-related injury. The campaign encouraged the concept that trucks are more than just trucks – they are mobile workplaces and often the busiest hub on a film set. 

2019: Prevention Through Orientation
The aim for 2019 was to educate workers, supervisors, and employers on the importance of orientations and the situations in which orientations must be carried out.
AIP Week kits were delivered in-person to over 25 productions, which included a new publication ‘Actsafe’s Safety Log Book’ to be given to all supervisors working on the production team so as to encourage logging orientations.
Another new addition to AIP Week was Actsafe’s Safety Café which hit the road throughout the week. We visited five studios and workplaces around town and had over 500 people visit us to talk about the importance of orientations. talk to your supervisor.

The theme for 2020 is ‘MIND Your Health: Mental Health Awareness’ and focuses on the invisibility of mental illness and how we can all be more mindful of our mental health, and how you can improve yours and others. The aim is to bring awareness to the effects that factors such as stress, fatigue, and concussion, have on an individual’s mental health and how this, in turn, affects the arts and entertainment industries.

Join us throughout this virtual event, September 21-25, to learn more about mental health and how to improve yours and others. We will share important resources here on our website and social media using