Actsafe’s AED Program offers our members a great opportunity to equip their organizations and productions with an Automated External Defibrillator at a cost that will fit any budget. Actsafe offers two options: Rental – This option makes an AED affordable to all types of short term projects in the performing arts and motion picture industries.  Actsafe […]

Actsafe is partnering with Iridia Medical to bring their COVID-19 Support Program to Actsafe’s members at a special discounted rate.   Iridia has a team of health care professionals, emergency planners, and educators who are available to support the arts and entertainment industries in all aspects of the COVID-19 response.   Iridia is continually updating our program […]

If you need to create an OHS program, or would like a copy of this manual, please contact the Manager of Motion Picture Programs and Services, Anand Kanna

Actsafe offers a Respirator Fit Testing service to organizations in B.C.’s arts and entertainment industries.  This service is provided by Reliable Mobile Hearing Testing. Respirators may be required when creating smoke or fog effects on interior sets or when working in locations with compromised air quality. Producer(s) are responsible for the purchase of appropriate respirators […]

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