Actsafe is partnering with Iridia Medical to bring their COVID-19 Support Program to Actsafe’s members at a special discounted rate.  

Iridia has a team of health care professionals, emergency planners, and educators who are available to support the arts and entertainment industries in all aspects of the COVID-19 response.  

Iridia is continually updating our program with the direct input from industry leaders, the Office of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), Regional Health Authorities, WorkSafeBC, Health and Safety professionals as well as medical experts. 

There are several services available:  

1. Onsite COVID-19 Testing

To protect the health of your production, Iridia offers COVID-19 testing to support you in keeping your production safe. With a team of health care professionals to perform onsite testing, Iridia works with you to create a testing program that aligns with your health and safety needs.

Cost: Please contact Actsafe for a quote.

2. COVID19 Compliance Officer Mentorship

All productions require a COVID-specific WorkSafeBC Safety plan to be developed and implemented to ensure compliance with the current Order from the Provincial Health Officer.  Although many productions have designated an individual or team to ensure the necessary plan and measures are in place, they may not have adequate training and experience.  In order to bridge potential gaps, Iridia will provide an experienced member of our COVID19 response team to be available at the production for 3 – 5 days at start-up. The purpose of this time will be to educate and develop the designated future COVID Compliance Office.  

Such support and training will necessarily address: 

    • The Risks of COVID19 
    • Transmission Considerations 
    • The 5 Pillars Strategy to Mitigate COVID19 Impact   
    • Screening protocol implementation and ability to test 
    • Support to implement the WorkSafeBC Safety
    • Support with implementation of Industry-specific guidelines
    • Protocols specific to the performing arts
    • Processes for exposure event and/or if a positive case should happen on the production. 

Cost: $695 per day (based on a 10-hour day). 

3. Onsite Iridia COVID19 Compliance Officer 

For productions who would like to outsource all aspects related to COVID19 Health and Safety, Iridia has a team of experienced health care professionals available to assist for the duration of the production. Iridia’s team member would work closely with the production team to ensure the safety plan is developed following WorkSafeBC guidelines and PHO orders and implemented as per the current Order from the PHO. 

Cost: $650.00 per day (based on a 10-hour day). 

4. Iridia’s Advisory Services

Iridia’s team of medical professionals will be your partner in health and safety when you need guidance interpreting Public Health regulations, navigating new waves of infection, dealing with a positive case onsite, setting up testing programs, and steadying operations prior to the arrival of a vaccine. Iridia has been assisting groups across many sectors to build proactive strategies including an industry-specific COVID-19 Impact Mitigation Guides.  They are well versed in the need to ensure all stakeholders are provided with the necessary information to move forward with increased confidence.   

Cost: Negotiable hourly rate. 

To take advantage of this service, find the fillable form below.

Safety Plan Submissions

Before returning to operations, employers must have a safety plan in place to deal specifically with the COVID-19 hazard in their workplaces. Does your plan make sense? Actsafe’s safety advisors can review your safety plan before you head back to production.

Upload your plan below and we will endeavour to provide feedback within 3 business days.

Motion Picture Return to Operations Submission Form.

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