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Our team comprises of individuals who are passionate and dedicated to ensuring we provide quality resources and services to everyone in our industries. At Actsafe Safety Association a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace is one where all members of the team, stakeholder, community, and individuals whose personal characteristics fall into any of the prohibited grounds […]

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The Team Approach To Safety Primer

We all have responsibilities – as family members, friends, citizens and workers. It’s part of life. Responsibilities are important in the workplace, particularly when related to health and safety. Responsibilities are a leading issue in occupational health and safety legislation. The Workers Compensation Act and The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation lists the duties of […]

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Actsafe Injury Prevention Week 2020

The theme for 2020 was MIND Your Health, Mental Health Awareness. Here you will find our list of session recordings and a curated list of resources on mental health and well-being. Session Slides, Resources, and Recordings: Sick and Tired: A Conversation About Stress and Fatigue with Mike Harnett. An Overview of Concussions and their Impact […]

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Monthly Updates – November 2021

Monthly Updates November 2021 As we enter the final months of the year, Actsafe is busy finishing our 2021 projects and planning on how we can best support the arts and entertainment industries in 2022.  This November, we are asking you to nominate those who have put safety first in 2021 for an Actsafe Safety in […]

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Monthly Updates – June 2021

Monthly Updates June 2021 We have lots to update you on in June’s monthly updates after a very busy May! We are launching a COVID Safety Coordinator Program to get anyone who is seeking work in the oversight of COVID ready and suited for this role, which includes completing a new COVID Safety Coordinator workshop. Find out more about […]

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An Obituary for Maureen “Mo” Kaake

Actsafe has lost one of its stars with the passing of Maureen “Mo” Kaake on the 19th of June 2021. Our condolences and thoughts go to her husband Dave, her son and two daughters, her grandchildren, her dog Charlie, and all her family and friends.   Mo joined Actsafe in 2005 when Actsafe was called SHAPE and had only 4 employees. Shortly afterwards, Mo became the […]

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Pandemic, Planning, and Public Health in the Arts Community

What a wild journey we have all been on since the arrival of SARSCov- 2 in early 2020. Casting my mind back, I remember hearing reports of a deadly virus in China. Shortly afterward I began hearing about its detection in a variety of European countries with it moving swiftly toward us as Spring Break […]

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Actsafe Membership

Members Below is a list of current Actsafe Members. Learn more on how your organization can become a member. Alameda Entertainment B.C. (Disney) Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) Arts Club Theatre Company Association of Canadian Film Craftspeople (ACFC) West BC Alliance for Arts & Culture BC Council of Film Unions (BCCFU) BC […]

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actsafe safety association office door

Contact Us

How to contact us Address Actsafe Safety AssociationSuite 140 – 4259 Canada Way,Burnaby, B.C. V5G 1H1 Business hours Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm *Statutory holidays will affect regular business hours. Contact one of our team members via one of the following methods. Instant message us here now. Send us an email here at […]

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Everyone Has A Role In Earthquake Preparedness

An article by Desiree Hamilton, Emergency Planning Coordinator, Vancouver Emergency Management Agency | City of Vancouver for Actsafe’s quarterly newsletter, Safety Scene. Did you know that a year after The Great East Japan Earthquake, more than 5,400 businesses had yet to reopen and 1,000 businesses were bankrupt within one and a half years? The upcoming Great British […]

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The Three Phases of Emergency Planning – An Article for Emergency Preparedness

Written by Anand Kanna, Manager of Motion Picture Programs and Services, Actsafe Safety Association. To get in touch with Anand; or call 604 733 4682 Ext. 120. When was the last time you took part in a fire drill? Within the last month? Within the last year? Back in high school? Don’t laugh; I bet it’s […]

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“We are in the entertainment business, not the emergency business… aren’t we?”

An article by Eric Stuart QPM, BA hons (CSM), UKCMA, Director of Gentian Events Ltd. for Actsafe’s quarterly newsletter, Safety Scene. So, how do we prepare for crowd emergencies and what do those emergencies look like? I will answer the second one first: everything and anything that might impact negatively, hurt, scare, or kill your […]

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Supergirl: Leading By Example

Written by Jennifer Lane, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Actsafe Safety Association.   The role of a Locations Manager is to source and find locations to be used in production. It is part of their role to ensure that the location is a safe environment for the crew to be in, and one they can get […]

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