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Respectful Workplaces - Join us for Actsafe Injury Prevention Week 2021

Actsafe Injury Prevention Week 2021

AIP WEEK 2021 SAFETY CAFÉ WEBINARS & COURSES HISTORY Actsafe Injury Prevention Week is back September 20–24, and this year we are focusing on Respectful Workplaces. What is a respectful workplace? How can we work together to ensure that everyone who works on a production is treated fairly? Throughout AIP Week, we will be bringing […]

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Actsafe Injury Prevention Week 2020

The theme for 2020 was MIND Your Health, Mental Health Awareness. Here you will find our list of session recordings and a curated list of resources on mental health and well-being. Session Slides, Resources, and Recordings: Sick and Tired: A Conversation About Stress and Fatigue with Mike Harnett. An Overview of Concussions and their Impact […]

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Actsafe Injury Prevention Week 2019

Actsafe Injury Prevention Week (AIP Week) September 9th-13th, 2019 The theme for 2019 was ‘Prevention Through Orientation’ which highlighted the importance of orientations in keeping workers in the arts and entertainment industries safe. Here’s an overview of the ‘Prevention Through Orientation’ calendar, resources focused on the following topics through our social media channels daily: Date […]

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Actsafe Injury Prevention Week 2018

  November 5th – 9th, 2018 To celebrate Actsafe’s 20th year in the business of helping to keep workers safe, we’re launching a brand new injury prevention initiative, the Actsafe Injury Prevention Week (AIP Week.) The goal of our annual event is to spread awareness of the leading causes of injury to BC’s motion picture […]

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Actsafe Injury Prevention Week

Save the Date Actsafe Injury Prevention Week:Emergency Preparedness October 17 – 21, 2022 This year’s AIP Week will include webinars, resources, and activities to help you and your workplace be prepared for an emergency. Plus, Actsafe’s Safety Café will be back on the road visiting productions around BC! Previous Injury Prevention Week Themes 2021 Respectful […]

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The History of Actsafe Injury Prevention Week

Actsafe launched Actsafe Injury Prevention Week (AIP Week) in 2018 to spread awareness of the leading causes of injury to BC’s arts and entertainment industries’ workers and to provide shareable tips, tools, and resources to help prevent these injuries. This week-long campaign gives Actsafe an opportunity to: increase industry awareness about the highlighted health and […]

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Identifying the ‘invisible injury’: What happens when concussion concerns enter the spotlight

Whether it’s on a movie set, backstage, off-camera, or during rehearsal, a concussion-causing event can occur. Due to the complex, high-pressure work environments of the motion picture, television, live event and performing arts industries, workers face situations every day that put them at risk for sustaining this traumatic brain injury. – Shelina Babul, PhD, Clinical […]

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Monthly Updates – September 2021

Monthly Updates September 2021 September is finally here, which means that the arts and entertainment industries can get together for Actsafe Injury Prevention Week! This year’s AIP Week is going to be bigger and better than ever with our Safety Café visiting locations around the lower mainland. Why not plan to join us for coffee, cookies, and conversations […]

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Monthly Updates – August 2021

Monthly Updates August 2021 We have lots to update you on in August’s monthly updates after a very busy July! BC’s move into Step 3 of its restart plan, meant a move from COVID-19 Safety Plans to Communicable Disease Plans. Actsafe’s safety team will review your Communicable Disease Plan and you can find the link to […]

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Safety Scene – Summer 2021: Respectful Workplaces

This quarter’s theme is Respectful Workplaces. What is a respectful workplace and how do I even start to make my workplace more inclusive, diverse, and equal? This edition of Safety Scene aims to answer these questions for you by featuring articles about accessibility in the workplace, improving cultural HR practices, and how the industries are […]

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News and Events

News & Events Actsafe strives to regularly provide our members with the latest health & safety news and information related to the arts and entertainment industries. We host events such as our annual Actsafe Entertainment Safety Conference, Actsafe Aspiring Filmmaker Award, Actsafe Safety in Entertainment Awards, and Actsafe Injury Prevention Week to recognize deserving individuals […]

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Events Actsafe hosts annual events including our very own entertainment safety conference. We also host other special events relevant to Performing Arts and Motion Picture industry workers! Learn all about Actsafe’s annual and upcoming events here. Upcoming Events Stay up to date with upcoming events by subscribing to our newsletter! Heat Exposure Webinar Prescillia (Percy) […]

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Safely Guiding and Spotting a Reversing Vehicle

Vehicles are the second highest source of injury in the motion picture industry over a five-year period (2013 – 2017)*. Actsafe’s Injury Prevention Week 2018 ‘Back Here, Safety Matters’ will focus on the prevention of injuries caused by material handling around trucks. One phase of this campaign will cover signalling and flagging and we’ve found […]

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Monthly Updates – May 2021

Monthly Updates May 2021 We have lots to update you on in May’s monthly updates after a very busy April.   Since the success of What Would Don Do? for the performing arts and live events industry, we’re now launching Ask Anand, a weekly virtual platform for the motion picture and television industry to discuss various health and safety topics. Make sure to register […]

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Monthly Updates, February 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, we want to share with you some final updates for the year including that registration is now open for the Actsafe Entertainment Safety Conference! You can register today for as low as $0.  You will also find out the winners of our Actsafe Gives Back initiative, information on the […]

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Concussions Motion Picture Fact Sheet

To read the full document, and to print, click here (127 KB). Recognition A concussion is a common form of brain injury. Concussions most often occur without a loss of consciousness. However, a concussion may involve loss of consciousness. A concussion is generally the result of a blow to the head, face or jaw, or […]

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