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Harm Reduction Services at Summer Festivals

Summer is just around the corner, which means there will be summer festivals and events to look forward to. Bonnie Henry, the B.C. Provincial Health Officer, would like to take this opportunity to remind us all, including festival organizers, promoters, local governments, health authorities, and public safety officials about attending and organizing events safely in […]

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Here you will find resources related to the festivals department that may be helpful to you as an employer or worker in the performing arts and live events industries.

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Health and Safety Guide for Live Performance (Festivals)

This document is a guide to assist you in the design of your own dedicated safety plan for live performance events such as festivals. Nowadays, most people in BC’s entertainment industry are very aware that their workplaces are subject to Workers Compensation Board regulations, but far fewer people know exactly what the regulations are or […]

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Festival Safety Tips

While going to a festival can be an amazing experience, it is easy to get swept up in the excitement and forget about safety. Here are some tips to help stay safe and healthy while having fun. Download our poster for your festivals. Hydrate Stay cool and hydrated by dressing appropriately for the weather and […]

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Here you will find arts and entertainment safety resources filtered by departments. Please contact Actsafe if there are any resources you would like to see. View by Department Please find resources in the following departments. Audio Visual View Resources Camera View Resources Construction View Resources Dancers View Resources Electrics View Resources Festivals View Resources First […]

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News and Events

News & Events Actsafe strives to regularly provide our members with the latest health & safety news and information related to the arts and entertainment industries. We host events such as our annual Actsafe Entertainment Safety Conference, Actsafe Aspiring Filmmaker Award, Actsafe Safety in Entertainment Awards, and Actsafe Injury Prevention Week to recognize deserving individuals […]

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#12 Safe Set-Up and Use of Small Tents Performing Arts Safety Bulletin

Tents are frequently used in festivals and for outdoor arts events. These guidelines provide recommendations on the safe set-up and use of small tents up to 60 m2 (645 ft2). Tents larger than this require a building permit in the City of Vancouver. Small tents Performing Arts Bulletin PDF

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Working At Heights Performing Arts Safety Primer

This primer is for employers, performers, and technicians in British Columbia’s live performance industry. It describes health and safety requirements and safe work practices for working at heights. You may find the information in this primer useful if you are involved with: An established performing arts organization, such as a dance or theatre company An organization that produces […]

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Concerned about COVID-19? We have motion picture and performing arts industry-related COVID-19 resources to help guide you through the pandemic. The following resources can be used to supplement a production’s health and safety program.* They include a wide selection of tools, documents and recommendations to help employers develop production-specific programs. We’ve broken these resources down […]

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