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This general safety awareness workshop is designed specifically for the motion picture and television industry and will be mandatory for all individuals working in the industry by 2024. This course is a fun and interactive way to learn about the different safety hazards that exist within the industry. Whether you are refreshing your knowledge, or just starting out in the industry, this course is great for veterans and beginners alike.

This course is a requirement to become a permittee with:

  • The Directors Guild of Canada BC (DGCBC)
  • The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 669 (IATSE 669)
  • The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 891 (IATSE 891)
  • Teamsters Local 155


If the points below do not address your issue please call in BEFORE you take action beyond these steps or restart the course. We would like to avoid restarting the course if we can!
    1. When prompted with “Would you like to resume where you left off?” click YES. Clicking NO will restart the course and cause your progress and star count to be lost.
    2. Do not click the “Back” and “Forward” arrows on your browser window to move through the course. Doing so will cause your progress and star count to be lost. Always use the navigation buttons within the course screen.
    3. The course is best completed on a large device – laptop or desktop computer. If you are having issues on other devices switch to a larger device where possible.
    4. iPads: Ensure your screen is in the “landscape” orientation when completing the course to ensure you are able to see the entire course on your screen.
    5. Adjust your browsers zoom to ensure you are able to see the entire course on your screen.
    6. The propane heater STOP & THINK activity in The Circus module contains a two part question – read all prompts carefully

If you still require assistance, please call us at 604-733-4682,, or use our LiveChat messaging here.



    1. Does this course cover WHMIS?
      No, Motion Picture Safety 101 – General Safety Awarness is a separate course from our WHMIS 2015 course.
    2. I completed my safety awareness course prior to 2019, is that still valid?
      No. Motion Picture Safety awareness taken prior to 2019 was an in-person course. This new online version must be taken by all industry workers by 2024.
    3. Do I have to complete this course in one sitting?
      This course does not need to be completed in one sitting. Register and complete the course at your own pace.
    4. I have registered for the course, but I don’t know where it is.
      Once you have logged into your profile and registered for the course in the STORE tab, it will appear in the HOME tab under the “Assigned” section.
    5. There is a glitch in the propane heater section.
      Please pay close attention to this section, the question has two parts. 

Before starting the course, please ensure your browser is up to date (if using Google Chrome) by following the instructions via this link;

Google Chrome Browser Troubleshooting