Monthly Updates

August 2021

We have lots to update you on in August’s monthly updates after a very busy July!

BC’s move into Step 3 of its restart plan, meant a move from COVID-19 Safety Plans to Communicable Disease Plans. Actsafe’s safety team will review your Communicable Disease Plan and you can find the link to do so, as well as Actsafe templates, below. This transition into Step 3, also means that we can continue offering in-person courses with Occupational First Aid – Level One and Firearm Safety – Level One both available this month.  

As for Actsafe events, we are now accepting Actsafe Entertainment Safety Conference 2022 session proposals. Do you have a session idea that you think the arts and entertainment industry would be interested in learning about? Submit your proposal below. Also, make sure to save the date for Actsafe Injury Prevention Week, September 20–24, 2021 and stay tuned as we will be announcing some exciting news soon!

As always, please connect with one of our safety advisors for health and safety advice and resources.

Stay safe,  
The Actsafe Team


Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

covid precautions

Beginning in Step 3 of BC’s Restart Plan, the provincial health officer has issued a statement advising that employers are no longer required to maintain a COVID-19 Safety Plan, and can instead transition to communicable disease prevention. WorkSafeBC has provided a guide for developing a communicable disease plan.

Performing Arts Communicable Disease Plan template:
Motion Picture Communicable Disease Plan template:

Actsafe’s safety advisors are reviewing your Communicable Disease Plans. Upload your Communicable Disease Plan below and we will endeavour to provide feedback within 3 business days.

AESC 2022 Call for Sessions and Speakers

Do you have a great idea for a presentation, panel discussion, or interactive demo?

Actsafe is seeking diverse, interactive, and engaging proposals for 90-minute presentations and panel discussions, for the Actsafe Entertainment Safety Conference, February 25 –26, 2022!

actsafe entertainment safety conference speaker

If you have any questions, please email

Actsafe Injury Prevention (AIP) Week

group of people gathering

Actsafe Injury Prevention (AIP) Week – Respectful Workplaces is less than two months away and we have some exciting announcements coming soon so subscribe to be added to our AIP Week mailing list. 

Check out AIP Week to participate in our word cloud and tell us what word comes to mind when you think of respectful workplaces.

Upcoming Course Dates

Mental Health for the Entertainment Industry Workshop

The pandemic continues to have a profound effect on our community. It is clear that the impacts on our mental health and sense of psychological safety are a significant part of the experience. 

Actsafe is partnering with Lankey & Limey Ltd. to deliver the free one-day workshop In the Era of COVID – Mental Health for the Entertainment Industry on August 26th.  

lankey & lime ltd mental health for the entertainment industry 1 day workshop

Occupational First Aid Level One

cpr first aid demonstration

Actsafe is now delivering in-person Occupational First Aid – Level One courses every Tuesday. 

This 1-day course covers the role and responsibilities of the Occupational First Aid Attendant, scene assessment, ABCs (Airway, Breathing, Circulation), wound assessment and treatment, first aid records, burns, and more.

Register for August’s courses today as there is a maximum capacity of 6 people!

Creative BC: Creative Pathways BC

A 2019 Labour Market Study found B.C.’s motion picture industry was growing, but the below-the-line workforce (artists, technicians, craftspeople, designers, drivers, performers and business managers who realize the artistic vision of the writer, director and producer in motion picture production) was less diverse than B.C.’s overall workforce.

B.C.’s motion picture industry designed a workforce strategy with Creative BC called Creative Pathways BC, focused on increasing its workforce through more fair and balanced representation.

creative bc - career pathways in tv and film ad

Re-thinking Fatique and Driving Webinar

woman driving feeling sick

Driving while fatigued is a form of impairment that can lead to vehicle crashes.

Join WorkSafeBC Human Factor Specialist Heather Kahle at Road Safety at Work’s September 16th webinar to learn about the factors that contribute to drowsiness and how fatigue can increase risk when your employees drive or do other tasks. You’ll also learn a new approach to conduct a fatigue risk assessment and effectively manage the risk.

British Columbia Day

Wishing you a happy and healthy British Columbia Day weekend! 

The Actsafe team will be offline on Monday, August 2nd and will return online on Tuesday, August 3rd. 

In case of a workplace emergency, please contact WorkSafeBC.

bc day actsafe hours

Advertising Opportunity

Actsafe is supporting BIPOC TV and Film by donating 100% of the revenue generated from advertisements in 2021’s quarterly Safety Scene newsletters to this incredible association.

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