The theme of Actsafe Injury Prevention Week 2020 is ‘MIND Your Health: Mental Health Awareness’ and we will be coming to you virtually, September 21-25. 

AIP Week 2020 focuses on the invisibility of mental illness and how we can all be more mindful of our mental health, and how you can improve yours and others. The aim is to bring awareness to factors such as stress, fatigue, concussion, that have an impact an individual’s mental health and how this, in turn, affects the arts and entertainment industries.  

Join us throughout the week where will be sharing mental health information, resources, and webinars hosted by mental health experts to help reduce the stigma around mental health. 

Join the conversation around mental health on social media and use the hashtag #AIPWeek2020. 

To read about the history of AIP Week, click here. 

AIP Week’s ‘Schedule of Events’ – Coming Soon. 

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