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How do you manage and identify hazards that you encounter in the workplace? Managing hazards is critical to the health and safety of cast and crew and hazard identification is the first step in the risk assessment process. This three-hour interactive workshop explores the kinds of hazards you could encounter, how to identify the hazards, and how to record your worksite assessments. Learn about the types of hazards, causes of injuries, and ways to reduce risk and incidents. Apply the Hazard Identification form as you demonstrate due diligence to identify hazards in various environments that you could encounter.

Workshop Delivery: Instructor-Led In-Person
Workshop Cost: Free
Workshop Duration: 3 hours
Industry: Motion Picture, Television, Commercials

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Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and categorize the different hazards on a worksite that cause most injuries
  • Describe ways to reduce the risks associated with hazards
  • Describe your role in the hazard identification process
  • Document the hazard using the Location Hazard Identification Worksheet
  • Explain the hazard identification process


  • Identify and categorize the different hazards on a worksite
  • Ways to reduce the risks associated with these hazards
  • Location Hazard Identification Form
  • Location Hazard Identification Process

Who should attend?

Although specifically designed for members of the Locations and Production Management departments, this workshop is ideal for all Employers, Managers, Supervisors, JHSC members, and workers who want to become more familiar with the work process of inspections and risk assessments on motion picture worksites.


The workshop is based on completion.