This safety bulletin covers guidelines intended to provide recommendations on the safe use of airbags. Air Bags Motion Picture Bulletin PDF

This info sheet will help employers and supervisors with important safety considerations when making decisions around which kind of passenger vehicle to use in transporting employees, workers and other staff personnel. Please Note: The decision to use 15 passenger vans instead of other vehicles to transport crew should always be carefully considered. 15 passenger vans […]

May 21, 2021, WorkSafeBC Risk Advisory This risk advisory was published on WorkSafeBC’s website to support employers in reducing of fires and explosions by implementing safe work procedures for refueling boats — minimizing the chance of fuel spills, removing sources of ignition, and providing adequate ventilation to eliminate gasoline vapours. What is the potential risk? […]

To read the full document, and to print, click here (268 KB). At each new site, WorkSafeBC requires a first aid assessment to determine the level of first aid certification and equipment needed. The first aid assessment is one aspect of a production’s risk assessment; it is performed to identify risks and ensure the employer […]

Complex driving manoeuvres require the use of a spotter for safety. The spotter’s responsibility is to direct the vehicle driver operator and alert them to obstructions in the vehicles path. Spotters must also alert pedestrians and traffic to stay clear of the danger areas. For clear communication the spotter must maintain visual contact with the driver […]

Please find a list of industry links below for the motion picture, television, performing arts and live events industries: • Alliance for Arts and Culture • British Columbia Film Commission • British Columbia Music Educators’ Association • British Columbia Touring Council • Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology • Canadian Society of Safety Engineering • Canadian […]

Trucks without a designated “park” position indicator on the truck’s transmission-box can be the source of a unique rolling hazard.  Read this 2015 hazard alert poster on trucks with this type of transmission for further details, which includes a checklist for easy reference. EXTRA CAUTION REQUIRED FOR TRUCKS WITH NO “PARK” POSITION Incidents involving runaway […]

To read the full document, and to print, click here (167 KB). Transportation of Dangerous Goods Anyone who ships, receives or transports dangerous goods must have Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) certification. See for further information on TDG. For your convenience, Actsafe offers the TDG course online. Contact us at 604.733.4682 or for more […]

This info sheet is intended to provide information on the use of wheel chocks to assist in securing vehicles such as trucks from movement while they are parked. Maybe you work in the transportation department, do you know whether your vehicles carry wheel chocks? REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS This document may assist in meeting requirements set out […]

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