Performer flying and aerial stunts involve much greater potential for serious or fatal injury than normal performance activities. This document provides general guidelines for the principles of safe design, risk assessment, rehearsal and performance. Performer Flying and Aerial Stunts Performing Arts Bulletin

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The following recommendations and guidelines are intended to give general guidance on the preparation, safe set-up, and performance of stunt sequences. You should also refer to the Safety Bulletins and General Code of Safe Practices for Production, which address concerns regarding specific equipment and/or procedures on the various topics listed in the Safety Bulletin Table of […]

All stage combats and stunts should be choreographed or arranged by a fight/stunt director who has specific knowledge of the requested type of stunt. This document contains safety guidelines for the safe execution of stage combat, stunts and use of weaponry (including firearms) in the motion picture, television, performing arts and live events industries: Stage […]

The purpose of this research was to a) explore the predominant health and safety issues facing stunt performers in British Columbia and b) identify areas or projects where Actsafe can help the stunt performance community to do their jobs safely. BC Film Stunt Performers and stunt related injuries REVIEW and SURVEY PDF

These guidelines are intended to give recommendations on the safe handling, use, and storage of firearms. Firearms include prop guns, rubber guns, plastic guns, non-guns, flintlock guns, pistols, machine guns, rifles and shotguns that shoot blank ammunition. Safety with firearms motion picture bulletin

These guidelines are intended to give recommendations, special guidelines, and conditions for the safe handling, use and storage of rearms utilizing live ammunition. Special use of live ammunition motion picture bulletin

Keith Martin Gordey interviews Lori Stewart on the importance of teamwork for ensuring safety for stunt actors working in the motion picture industry. Safety Is A Team Effort Article PDF

Actsafe shines the Spotlight on Efosa Otuomagie, UBCP Stunt Performer and Production Safety Consultant.

A stunt performer’s life literally hangs in the balance of whether their equipment is properly maintained and functioning as it should. Experienced professionals Lori Stewart, J.J. Makaro and Lucas Waidmann show you how to inspect and maintain your harness and track use on set.

Created in collaboration with the stunt community, Actsafe’s new fillable Stunt Safety Plan helps ensure the safety of your stunt workers when planning and revising stunt sequences. This form includes the ability to; Record who’s involved Outline details of the stunt sequence Upload storyboards, images, or pre-visuals Identify hazards, risks, and controls Distribute electronically For […]

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