Each studio, facility, and Production Company shall strive for the highest safety standards. Cast and crew must work diligently to maintain a safe and healthful work environment. Communication of information is one of the most effective measures to ensure a safe set. Safety takes precedence over expediency. Click here to download the guideline.

A Midsummer Nightmare is a humorously shot safety-training video about safety risks & hazards to watch out for on set, and how set your film-set up for safety success!

Please find Actsafe’s Acknowledgement of Receipt of Production Safety Guidelines Checklist form below: Acknowledgement of receipt of production safety guidelines checklist PDF

This WorkSafeBC form (the 1800MPEX form) is for movie production companies that are wanting to apply for extended coverage in the motion picture and television industries. To read the full document on WorkSafeBC’s website, and to print, click here (112 kB).

This WorkSafeBC general safety manual is written for employers (production companies) and workers in B.C.’s film and television production industry. It includes information on potential hazards and provides safe work practices to prevent injuries in the industry. It covers topics such as: equipment vehicles location hazards construction, painting special effects props stunts To read the […]

Click here for General health and safety primer PDF This primer describes basic workplace health and safety information for employers and workers, such as reporting injuries; risk assessments; refusing unsafe work; OHS programs; Joint Health and Safety Committees; working alone; respirator fit testing; young and new workers and hearing testing.

It’s important to do a thorough risk assessment, preferably on site, considering the planned activities as critically as possible. Think about how the activities are going to be carried out, checking existing guidelines and information.

To read the full document, and to print, click here (1.22 MB). This book aims to help reduce the risk of injury to workers in the motion picture, television, and commercial production industry. The resource is mainly for employers, although the information is also relevant for workers and anyone involved in work on a film or television […]

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Links: • MSDS Online • MSDS Search • SIRI MSDS Index

You may need WorkSafeBC coverage if you work in the motion picture and television industry and operate an incorporated company such as a loan-out company or are a performer in a starring (or above-the-line) role. To help simplify things for the motion picture and television industry, WorkSafeBC have established a streamlined process to determine a […]

An educational guide to preventing Musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) for office workers. Presented in a comic book style, the goal of this resource is to help workers recognize and prevent the symptoms of MSI. Pain Is Optional For Office Workers Comic PDF. For your printed version please contact the Actsafe office

If you’re: self-employed a partner or a proprietor …you may not be automatically covered by the Workers Compensation Act. With WorkSafeBC’s Form 1801, you can apply for Personal Optional Protection. To read the full document, and to print, click here (1.1 mB).

POP is the WorkSafeBC’s Personal Option Protection insurance plan. This info sheet will help you understand if you may be eligible for coverage. WorkSafeBC Personal Option Protection POP Infosheet PDF

The Motion Picture Safety Primer: Production describes safety guidelines and requirements for the various departments, as well as specialized activities that may occur during a production. Topics include: construction painting ladders scaffolds fall protection equipment lighting and electrical safety pyrotechnics smoke and fog firearms underwater diving and more.. To read the full document, and to print, click […]

This review is a summary of the hazards and recommended precautions when working with materials commonly used by Special Effects, Costumes, and Set Decorating to create photographic dust effects, “worn” costumes, and “dusty” sets. Review of Common Set Dressing Materials Report PDF

The question “how can we do this safely?” should set the stage for concept development, pre-production, construction, rehearsal and performance. Consideration of health and safety should begin as early as possible in the planning of the production and should continue throughout the production process. This Sample Safe Development Process document gives an overview of risk assessment in action, using a fictitious […]

To read the full document, and to print, click here (232 kB). This fact sheet has been created to help employers (i.e., production companies) ensure that their employees and service providers are covered by some form of WorkSafeBC insurance, to protect the production against liability if an accident happens. Please note that Actsafe is providing […]

Before starting work activity on certain projects… Owners, prime contractors, and/or employers are required by the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation to send WorkSafeBC written notice of project. You can do this online with WorkSafeBC’s Notice of Project (NOP) form. The amount of notice you will need to give WorkSafeBC depends on the type of […]

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