Here you will find resources related to the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) department that may be helpful to you as an employer or worker in the motion picture and/or performing arts and live events industries.

This motion picture safety bulletin covers important safety policies and programs that must be implemented and adhered to on production sets. Each studio, facility, and Production Company shall strive for the highest safety standards. Cast and crew must work diligently to maintain a safe and healthful work environment. Communication of information is one of the […]

This WorkSafeBC due diligence checklist will help employers determine if they have sufficient documentation for an effective occupational health and safety program. To read the full document, and to print, click here (27 kB).

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Please find below a fillable Emergency Contact Poster that you can print and post in each workplace. To read the full document, and to print, click here (158 kB).

Please find our Actsafe Equipment Safety Inspection Checklist form below: Equipment Safety Inspection Checklist PDF

What first aid forms do we need on site? Generally, Form 7 (PDF 81 KB) – Employer’s Report of Injury or Occupational Disease, Occupational First Aid Patient Assessment chart (PDF 41 KB), and First Aid Record (PDF 19 KB) are required on site. Copies of these forms can be printed directly from the above links. […]

The Hierarchy of Controls provides a systematic approach to manage workplace safety by providing a structure to select the most effective control measures to eliminate or reduce the risk of certain hazards.

This guide has been developed by Actsafe to assist in filling out the First Aid Worksheet required for each location. How to Establish and Communicate an Effective First Aid Program Guide PDF

This WorkSafeBC booklet will help employers, workers, and joint health and safety committees develop and maintain an effective occupational health and safety (OHS) program. Updated to include Regulatory changes related to joint health and safety committees that came into effect on April 3, 2017. To read the full document on WorkSafeBC’s website, and to print, […]

This guide and attached template are designed to offer information and guidance in developing a Rules of Procedure (Terms of Reference) document for use in Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) in the motion picture, television, performing arts and live events workplaces in British Columbia.  As with any template, the information must be reviewed before […]

Effective April 3, 2017, WorkSafeBC mandates that all joint health and safety committee (JHSC) members have a minimum of 8-hours of training. Actsafe provides those members with the training, the workshop covers: • Navigating the Workers Compensation Acts and Regulations • Terms of Reference • Meeting Minutes & Reporting • Inspections • Work Refusals • […]

This workbook contains the resources and materials participants will need during the Joint Health and Safety Committee Fundamentals course.

ARE YOU IN COMPLIANCE? Effective April 3rd, 2017, WorkSafeBC mandated that all joint health and safety committee members are required to have a minimum of 8-hours of training. ACTSAFE’S WORKSHOP COVERS: Navigating the Workers Compensation Act and regulations Terms of reference Meeting minutes & reporting Inspections Work refusals Incident investigations Committee evaluation REGISTRATION This workshop […]

This form will help you keep track of your joint health and safety committee attendance. Meeting Attendance Form.

A forum held February 5, 2011 in Vancouver brought together 45 leaders in the Motion Picture industry to discuss how to build a stronger culture of safety. Billed “A Conversation that Matters”, department heads, producers, supervisors and production managers from across the industry identified several themes over the course of the day using a Word […]

Respectful Workplaces in the Arts is a national campaign to build a sector-wide culture of fairness, dignity and respect. Their aim is to encourage those within the industry to work together to shape safe and healthy work environments, free from all forms of harassment. You can find their website here respectfulartsworkplaces.ca Quick Reference Guides are available on the […]

Please find a list of useful safety links to various safety resources, organizations and services below: • British Columbia Health Guide • Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety • Canadian Occupational Safety and Health (CanOSH) • Centers for Disease Control • Fire & Rescue Services – City of Vancouver • Fire Extinguisher Online Safety […]

In the February 2019 issue: Actsafe Appoints New Executive Director. New Naloxone Training Launched. Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) Fundamentals Update. Motion Picture Safety Awareness Workshop Outreach. Also, in this month’s edition, be in with a chance of winning a pass to the Actsafe Event Safety Conference 2019! View The Actsafe Safety Scene here.

As part of a Contract Services Administration Trust Fund (CSATF) Injury and Illness Prevention Program every employee has the right to report unsafe conditions or unsafe practices to their employer without fear of reprisal. Follow this link for a list of Safety Hotlines for studios participating in the program.

We all have responsibilities – as family members, friends, citizens and workers. It’s part of life. Responsibilities are important in the workplace, particularly when related to health and safety. Responsibilities are a leading issue in occupational health and safety legislation. The Workers Compensation Act and The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation lists the duties of […]

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