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Think Set Safety Program

The goal of the Think Set Safety Program is to establish safe work habits for grade 11 and 12 film and performing arts students by providing education and exercises related to basic arts safety fundamentals.

This program is aimed at students enrolled in Drama/Theatre, Film Production or Dance programs. The goal of the program is to help students develop and be able to demonstrate an understanding of the principles of workplace safety within the arts.

To help teachers and instructors establish a safety culture and easily integrate arts safety into their curriculum, we’ve included a wide variety of material to promote discussion and awareness of common safety concerns that students and industry workers are likely to face. These include handouts and suggested activities/discussions that teachers may select from for their individual class and curriculum. The material is meant to complement existing lesson plans where appropriate.

All the material comes on a 2 disc set – a CD containing all the materials that the instructor will need, such as hand-outs & discussion guidelines, and a DVD that contains two short films, one to demonstrate safety on the set and another that explains who Actsafe is. The entire package comes in an easy to store DVD case.

If you are an instructor who teaches Film and/or Performing arts-related courses to high school students and would like to find out more about the Think Set Safety program (did we mention that it was available for free?), contact Actsafe at 604 733 4682 or by email.

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Actsafe is a not-for-profit health and safety association supporting British Columbia’s arts and entertainment industries.

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