Are you seeking work in the oversight of COVID safety, in roles such as COVID Safety Coordinator/COVID Safety Officer/COVID Safety Compliance Officer/COVID Safety Manager? 

Actsafe wants to get you ready to take on this role and we have developed a COVID Safety Coordinator Program to make you more desirable candidate for this position. 

In order to receive a COVID Safety Coordinator certificate, you must complete the following six courses/workshops: 

Due to the current pandemic, we are unable to offer OFA Lvl 1 courses. We will be monitoring the PHO for when to resume in-person classes. If you have completed this course with another organization, please upload your certificate to your STAR profile.

How do I upload my certificate?

Once you have completed all of the above courses, your COVID Safety Coordinator certificate will be added to your STAR profile within 2 business days. If you have any questions, please