Joined weekly by his co-host Natalli Dias, Anand Kanna will be highlighting a safety topic of the week and also answering your health and safety questions.

Episode 1’s focus was an introduction to Actsafe and highlighted how we’re not WorkSafeBC, and what we can do to help you maintain a safe and healthy worksite. Anand also opened the floor to questions from the industry which led to some interesting conversations around COVID-19 and artificial smoke and fog.

Here’s what some attendees had to say:

“This was a great session, not only was it informative it also provided an opportunity to participate and interact. It was a refreshing change of pace, I’m looking forward to next week!”

“Absolutely one of the most enjoyable and informative zoom meetings I have attended. A very inclusive experience where I felt that people cared!”

“I really enjoyed that it was informal and there were a lot of honest discussions.”

“Tune into Ask Anand for all your safety-related questions. Highly informative and a safe place to ask questions or to get advice for on-set issues.”

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