We understand that the situation surrounding COVID-19 has put a strain on all of us, including the productions we all work on. With the closures of many productions for unknown periods of time, we have received a number of requests to suspend the rentals of AEDs until productions are back up and running. Please contact aedrentals@actsafe.ca if you would like further information or have any questions or concerns.

Actsafe’s AED Program offers our members a great opportunity to equip their organizations and productions with an Automated External Defibrillator at a cost that will fit any budget.

Actsafe offers two options:

Rental – This option makes an AED affordable to all types of short term projects in the performing arts and motion picture industries.  Actsafe will supply you with a AED, training for 2 of your staff members and manage all necessary maintenance and service when required. 

To begin the rental process, complete our fillable form here.

We have two types of AED available;

Data sheet:

Data Sheet:

Monthly rental fee: $109/unit/month plus tax Monthly rental fee: $149.00/unit/month plus tax

Purchase – Have a longer term production or want one for your organization?  Our Purchase Option gives you many of the same benefits as the rental program, but you own the device at an incredible member discount.  Staff training for 2 persons is also included with this Purchase option.  Call us on (604)-733-4682 or email us here for further information.

Additional persons can be trained at a cost of $105.00 per person (GST included).

For further information;

AED Brochure Booklet PDF or online here or complete our fillable rental form here.


Common Questions

I haven’t been trained to use an AED.  Can I still use one safely if I think someone is in cardiac arrest?

Yes you can.

Firstly, if you suspect someone is in cardiac arrest, your first call should be for first aid and 911 for medical attention.  If you have an AED on site, it is safe to administer treatment with this device.  AEDs are fool proof.  If you place the AED on a person that is not in cardiac arrest, the unit will not allow you to administer a shock.

“You can use an AED with no training whatsoever. And you can use an AED correctly with no training whatsoever… So it takes no training, no education. Its fool proof to use. So for most of us, the majority of Canadians, you don’t need any certification”.
– Dr. Laurie Morrison, CBC Marketplace Blog, November 29, 2013.

“These can be operated by anyone. Its got a voice command that tells you exactly what to do and the best thing is that its fool proof. If you put it on somebody and for some reason they are not going into cardiac arrest, you’re not a medical professional, you don’t know what’s going on, it won’t go off.  So you can’t accidentally shock somebody”.
– Erin Selby, Manitoba Health Minister, CBC Marketplace Blog, November 29, 2013.

Where can I find an AED?

AEDs are located at the following film studios:

Bridge Mammoth North Shore
Vancover Film Studios

AED Videos