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Working Safely With Volunteers Booklet

Volunteers in the arts sector can take on roles from office administration, production and catering to planning and running events. In any of these cases, there is potential for accidents and injuries to occur: when health and safety aren’t considered and planned for, these risks may be even greater. This four-page booklet, developed by Actsafe, […]

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Working At Heights Performing Arts Safety Primer

This primer is for employers, performers, and technicians in British Columbia’s live performance industry. It describes health and safety requirements and safe work practices for working at heights. You may find the information in this primer useful if you are involved with: • An established performing arts organization, such as a dance or theatre company • An organization […]

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Filming in the Down Town East Side (DTES)

Please Note: it is currently required that an experienced community film liaison with overdose (OD) intervention training be hired when filming on the DTES. In 2017 the City of Vancouver experienced an overdose crisis largely in the DTES. Fentanyl-laced drugs are commonplace and, therefore, more people are choosing to do drugs in public spaces (streets, […]

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