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#32A Addendum “A” for Food Handling – Craft Services Motion Picture Safety Bulletin

This bulletin provides safe food handling guidelines for food service providers and craft services to prevent various food-related illnesses, including: Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Clostridium, Escherichia coli (E. Coli), and hepatitis A. Food Handling Addendum A Craft Services Motion Picture Bulletin

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List of Motion Picture Bulletins

Below are safety guidelines for the motion picture industry in British Columbia. Actsafe’s safety bulletins are recommended guidelines only; always consult all applicable rules and regulations.   Health & Safety Bulletin Call Sheet Memo Pre-Production #1 Safety With Firearms Motion Picture Safety Bulletin #2 Special Use of Live Ammunition Motion Picture Safety Bulletin #3 Helicopters Motion Picture Safety Bulletin […]

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Air Quality Advisory – August 2018

If an Air Quality Advisory has been issued because of high concentrations of fine particulate matter due to smoke from wildfires around the region, the following information should be considered; The Ministry of Environment recommends that strenuous outdoor activities be avoided. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms while working outdoors, contact your […]

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Our Members

Actsafe Safety Association is an industry funded not-for-profit occupational health and safety association supporting British Columbia’s arts and entertainment industries. Our membership includes employers from the following 4 Classification Units; 763025 Motion Picture, Commercial, or Television Production761011 Live Performance Venue761030 Performing Arts761027 Organizing or Conducting Special Events To find out whether you’re one of our […]

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Meet the Team

Our team comprises of individuals who are passionate and dedicated to ensuring we provide quality resources and services to everyone in our industries. Our Team Members Actsafe Committees Our Team Members Manu Nellutla Executive Director Envelope Globe Linkedin Manu is the Executive Director at Actsafe Safety Association and joined the team in March 2019. He […]

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