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Do You Hear That? Carpentry Shop Sound Levels

DO YOU HEAR THAT? Carpentry shops in the film industry generally have average sound levels of: 87 dBA; you should be wearing Class C hearing protection. Class C earplugs or ear muffs will provide enough protection for average sound levels in a carpentry shop. For louder work, such as power sanding, drilling, hammering, cutting, etc. […]

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Here you will find resources related to the construction department that may be helpful to you as an employer or worker in the arts and entertainment industry. Related Departments Carpentry

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Production Resources

Starting a production in British Columbia? We’ve curated a selection of important literature and resources to help provide an understanding of requirements for any new productions to create a safe and healthy workplace for your workers. Why not contact our Motion Picture Industry Advisor Anand Kanna (by email or phone 604 733 4682 Ext. 120.) […]

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