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Cardiac Arrest

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Cardiac Arrest Management (CAM)

Actsafe’s CAM course trains people in Cardiac Arrest Management and the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Skills are taught in a group session with scenario-based hands on training.

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Actsafe’s AED Program

Actsafe’s AED Program offers our members a great opportunity to equip their organizations and productions with an Automated External Defibrillator at a cost that will fit any budget. Actsafe offers two options: Rental – This option makes an AED affordable to all types of short term projects in the performing arts and motion picture industries.  Actsafe […]

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AED Rental Program

We understand that the situation surrounding COVID-19 has put a strain on all of us, including the productions we all work on. With the closures of many productions for unknown periods of time, we have received a number of requests to suspend the rentals of AEDs until productions are back up and running. Please contact […]

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Occupational First Aid – Level One

This full day course packs in life-saving information including CPR, crisis management, wound care and more and provides a WorkSafeBC OFA certificate.

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Safety Spotlight WorkSafeBC Newsletter – AED Article

Defibrillators Play a Life Saving Role – pg 12 With all the lights and glamour of the Motion Picture and Performing Arts industries, it’s sometimes easy to forget that production sets are worksites too. Just like at any workplace, heart attacks leading to cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anytime. WorkSafeBC’s 2014 Safety Spotlight article […]

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AED LifePak CR Plus & LifePak Express Orientation Video

This video covers the operation of LifePak CR-Plus and LifePak Express AEDs. Here you will learn: the cause of cardiac arrest the symptoms of cardiac arrest the steps to save someone experiencing cardiac arrest inspection, maintenance, and storage of the AED This video is supplementary to the AED Manual. Both should be reviewed prior to […]

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Safety Scene – AED Special Edition

In this special issue, you will find: What you need to know about Cardiac Arrest Where Actsafe’s AEDs have been placed Orientation videos for the AED in our program, the Lifepak CR-Plus A SPECIAL OFFER for Level 3 First Aid / Craft Service persons and much more!   View The Actsafe Safety Scene here!

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